How good creative design helps grow your brand

As a creative agency, explaining the benefits of creative design to a client can be quite a challenge. Why do they need good copywriting and world-class design? What’s the point of consistency in design and what message does it convey? Since these are notions that do not directly contribute to ROI, clients can tend to show reticence. But we know from experience that creative design plays a vital role in the success of a brand and in formulating a compelling story.

Design increases visibility.

It’s all about standing out. Have you ever faced a situation where you caught yourself glancing and then staring at a random visual or design because you felt attracted to it? It caught your attention because of its quality. Therefore it became more visible. The same goes for a brand – if it has a quality and consistent design charter, people will notice it more. A good design helps your brand speak to your audience in a memorable way.

Good design engages and converts.

Once you’ve successfully caught your audience’s attention, you need to engage. Clients often see conversion as sales numbers, calling to action or click value. What many fail to understand is the psychological power that a good design can have on individuals, and how it can influence decision-making. Design also calls to your audience’s subconsciousness by conveying emotions through visuals and stories through copyright. It has the ability to attract, seduce and engage.

Design communicates your brand.

Design builds credibility and trust, and creates a consistent visual language that will generate a customer buy-in. As simple as that. Good design is proof of a company’s high standard, professionalism and quality. It conveys a high-end image that helps a firm position itself amongst its competitors. Some brands want to convey a luxurious image, others target simplicity. Whatever the story is and whatever piece of creative content is generated (blog post, collateral, business card, website) – the design chosen will communicate the brand.

Bottom line

Design is sometimes overseen and pushed back because it’s harder to quantify the returns it generates. But it is important to educate clients and audiences about the advantages of having a powerful design – one that stands out, tells a compelling story and engages with the audience.

Don’t stop exploring! 🙂
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