6 business card tips for better brand recognition

If you own a business, then you know that business cards are very important in today’s world. There are billions of cards circulating on the market, all with various shapes, colors, textures, designs, smells, sizes and so on. Business cards are a way for your brand to put a bit of your brand on paper and hand it to someone as in hey, this is us. So we’ll share with you a few tips that will help you up your networking game and hopefully design a business card that will get the job done.

1. Keep it simple

You don’t want to lose your prospect’s attention by having too many details on your card. Here is what you want to include on your card: your name, title, e-mail, phone number and social media. You can also include a QR code to link to your website, resume, portfolio or anything else that might be useful.  Here is the list of free QR generators that you can use: the-qrcode-generator.com, goqr.me, qrstuff.com.

2. Use both sides

A card has two sides. Use them. Actually, just think: what do you do when you receive a business card from someone? You look at both sides of it. This means writing something on the back of the card is mandatory. Or at least be creative and do something cool about the back side of the card. Think out of the box and surprise your prospect. Like we said, why not a QR code?

3. Lead with your logo

Your logo is very important when it comes to brand recognition and brand awareness. You want the person who receives your business card to remember you, so that when he or she needs something that you can provide they will immediately remember your brand over your competitor’s. Use this chance to get engraved in a prospect’s memory by sufficiently highlighting your logo and your brand identity. 

4. Be memorable

Your card should be memorable. If need be, use different languages if you have international partners. Or include a call-to-action such as a link to a video on YouTube or a special offer you may have. Leave something more than just your name. Leave an experience behind. Look at this example below.

5. Get a business card case

A card case helps you keep your cards in order and most importantly, clean. Whether your card holder is branded, colorful, or extra-large doesn’t matter. It will keep your cards in a safe space, clean and ready to be used.  A card case is useful for those who are always on the road, jumping from a meeting in San Francisco, to a breakfast visio in Denver. Always carry them in the side pocket of your briefcase, in your case – you know they will be there waiting for the next handshake. 

6. Creativity. Creativity. Creativity.

To have people remember you, your brand, or your company, your business card should be eye-catching. You can use a unique design or feature to make your business card stand out. Not a creative person? No worries, we can help you design and print your business cards, just drop us a note here, and tell us what you have in mind!

Bottom line

Your business card is a tiny chunk of your brand that you will leave behind. You decide what that will be. Be creative, think outside the box and take your prospect through a cool experience when you hand them your card. They’ll remember you. 

Don’t stop exploring! 🙂
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